AproMUN 2019 Team Members


Viktor Racskó

President of the General Assembly

Hello, my name is Viktor, and I am the President of the General Assembly of AproMUN 2019, also serving as the head of chairs. As an experienced MUNer, I chose to lead the debates during the General Assembly. I am also in command of all the chairs and committees, supervising the work of the chairs and ensuring that everything is going smoothly. I am looking forward to AproMUN 2019 as it is my last year at ŠpMNDaG, the organizing school. I wish delegates a pleasant experience during your stay in Bratislava. I also hope you will have as many good memories of AproMUN as possible. Our team is working hard to achieve that. I hope you will learn a lot of useful skills that you will use during your university studies or your carrier life.


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